In Memoriam

Born September 4, 1946, in Lansing, Michigan, Marvin Breedlove always loved horses. Throughout his life, he owned several and was always an avid member of the equestrian community. In addition to boarding horses, Marvin loved showing them and did so for many years, later becoming even more involved when his daughter started participating in shows as well. Marvin could often be found helping out with the organization and running of many of the same shows. Through those experiences, he realized that there had to be a better way than writing all the points, categories, and other various horse show related data by hand. A retired IT Supervisor for the State of Michigan, Marvin also had an extensive background in programming. Coupling those experiences with his love for horses, he set out to develop a program that would achieve the goal of tracking and automating the process of running a show. The result was EZ Show, a fast, affordable, and accessible solution for managing all things horse show related. Unfortunately, in the fall of 2018, Marvin passed away from complications related to cancer. In addition to his time as an IT Supervisor, Marvin was an accomplished realtor and a bit of a wanderlust. Marvin met the love of his life, Darlene, in October of 2006, and only a few short years later, they were married at the Chapel of the Bells in Las Vegas (Elvis was not in attendance). Those who knew him would tell you that Marvin had the patience of a saint, the best sense of humor, and above all, a love for people, especially Darlene.

New Ownership & The Continuation of a Legacy      

In early 2021, a customer of the EZ Show software noticed an issue with the program accepting dates that exceeded the year 2021. Looking for support, they reached out to Marv’s company, Data Solutions, where they learned about the terrible news of his passing. Fortunately for this customer, her brother happens to own a software company, and she contacted him to see if he would be able to help resolve the error.

It was soon determined however, that without the source code it would be impossible to fix the issue. After reaching out to Marv’s widow Darlene, he was able to secure the source code and, with her blessing, continue the legacy Marv had started so many years ago.

With that in mind, we would like to offer those fixes to you, as an original user of the software. If you are experiencing the same date issue and would like to receive the patch, please contact us using the form below. Also, note that future enhancements and releases will be coming down the road, and we hope to share those with you as well. For us, it is an honor to carry on the tradition of this great software, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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